Yea, my home buying/selling experiences haven’t been too good

Buying my first house in Montana was great; selling it was a nightmare which I’ve already written about here, in the context of being a long-distance landlord. Won’t make that mistake again. Buying this place was a trainwreck, but we got through it and we’re still here. Se actually can already see the next set of transactions on the horizon, but probably not for a few years yet. The farm where we rent land is probably our next real estate transaction, and that will probably involve selling this place as down payment. That’ll be a HUGE step for us, not merely for the dollar amounts (which will be quite big enough) but also because we’ll be going to a property 4x the size of what we have now, and inheriting a business that goes with it. Lots to think about there. Even though that’s probably several years away yet, I’m already trying to line up the ducks such that we’ll be surrounded by high quality professionals who can help ensure it goes smoothly. I already don’t look forward it it. You start working in large scale real estate transactions, and the size of the trainwrecks gets bigger too.

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