Oh, wow! All I can say is that I am speechless

Your story has mine beat, well, the buyer of our old house. His agent either did not tell him there was a deadline on asking us to fix issues on the home inspection or was very vague on it. Well after the deadline, they were asking us to address some issues. We had addressed one or two minor ones, none of the issues were major. Afte we did those small fixes, we told our agent “we’re done”. She agreed and told us we were being reasonable not to address issues after the deadline. He could take it or leave it.

There were other things that happened that I won’t bore you with but if I were him, I would have told that agent she could take her license and put where the sun doesn’t shine. Her license wasn’t worth the paper it was on, as far as I am concerned. She and the broker kept messing up stuff and then trying to “fix” it by asking us to make adjustments or corrent stuff. At some point you have to take responsibility and say, “I messed up.” I believe the agent really got embarrassed about it all or something because at some point we no longer had communication with her but with the broker. Maybe the broker shut her out, I don’t know.

But remember I told you the broker was just as bad with a friend who was going to be spending big bucks in the right neighborhood. When our friend closed, his agent–the broker I mentioned–was not even allowed in the same room at closing because things had turned sour so badly and so quickly. Our friend closed on a house but refused to have his agent there in the room at the same time! Shameful on the broker’s part. Not how to win friends and influence people.

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