No worries about your wacky dreams Jolene

Right now my biggest dreams are:
1) a nicely composting manure pile where it’s needed, rather than where it’s actually currently located
2) a barn with a concrete floor and a solid frame roof with 16 stalls so that we’re not working in Tarp Land anymore
3) a grain combine so I can plant and harvest my own feed.

Yes, I know, that list is exciting enough to wake up anyone and get ’em rowdy. It sure gets me out of bed in the morning. So if RV living gets you motivated, use it. But use it as a motivational goal, rather than a gotta-do-it-to-get-the-house-sold. We’ve got friends who have been living in an RV since they lost their house to the Colorado wild fires last year. They just graduated to a yurt. She said that move, from a few hundred sqft to almost 1000sqft, felt like moving into the Taj Majal. I think trying to have your whole family live in an RV would get very old, very quickly. So let that stay as a dream, not a short-term solution for your short-term issues.

Tell us where you are again? Maybe someone in your area knows someone who knows someone who knows a really good realtor. Meanwhile, back on the farm, I’ll be trying to figure out today how to get that manure pile moved. Yea, I know, someone better calm me down, this much excitement can be dangerous………..

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