Most folks on this list are very good

about remembering to actually READ their bills when they come in, but sometimes we forget to read our utility bills. So it’s time for a reminder.
Read what you are being billed for with every bill you get.
My reading of the Sprint bill this morning just saved us $40. I had been charged an activation fee on a new phone, only I didn’t get one. Ds did because his died, so I was expecting the $36 fee for his, I was not expecting a $40 on my phone. They aren’t sure why we got charged for two, or why mine was $4 higher, but they immediately backed it off.
It dawned on me with the holidays coming up a lot of folks will be getting new phones and such, so I thought I’d remind you to read your bill to avoid such problems for yourself.
Also a reminder to watch out for your energy company adding their annual “share the wealth” billing to your bill without your permission (many companies require you to “opt out” instead of in on this program). We’ve discussed this program previously on this list about how it does not go to help those who need it as the name indicates, but in fact goes directly to the power company to cover deadbeats of the past.
It is a good idea, however,especially this time of year, that if you know of someone who is having trouble with their utilities you get their account number somehow and give the “gift” of paying on their exact bill to pay it forward. No one should be cold.

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