If this doesn’t work, then are you willing to take some value loss on the sale?

Well I’m on the fence with this. Thinking from your point of view and from a prospective buyers point of view.

Let me ask, how would you feel is a person came in and was critical of your place – not so much the decor, or of the people in the home, but of a bathroom being too small, or a closet could be located on an adjacent wall, or if they wanted to see the attic to see if they could put in vaulted ceilings etc. I think most homeowners are unable to remove themselves from conversations/thoughts spoken aloud which potential buyers might have and the other side of the coin, potential buyers aren’t forthcoming in imagining how they can make the structure their home when people are there to listen. Another example, what if your kids are in their room when a potential buyer comes and says “this room would be perfect for an office”, would that make the child uncomfortable-especially if they have problems dealing with change?

I see you’re point, packing up kids every time you have a potential buyer is impossible – except that you might schedule ONE open house, and see if your realtor will do virtual tours complete with 360 degree views and narration and then vet potential buyers so that it will truly be worth your time and trouble to vacate one additional time.

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