I think this is a REALLY good idea

Some realtors, and sellers, want to funnel as many people through as possible, so that anyone who MIGHT like the house, will see it and then act on it. The so-called shotgun approach. But from a classical ‘marketing theory’ point of view, that’s a lot of wear and tear. The number of lookie-loos will be very high compared to the number of folks who might actually want to make an offer. Since we’re trying to minimize wear and tear, you want to limit the viewings to those who are seriously interested – the “motivated buyer” approach. Doing stuff like videotaping the house in a realtor-only walk-through, without kids or pets, will provide 99% of the buyer public with enough information to decide whether they want to actually see it. For those who were just curious, it would answer their questions without ever setting foot on the place. For those who would have been very interested, they’ll still be very interested, and actual home viewings can be reserved for them. That would cut down the foot traffic by a huge margin. And minimize your hassle factor.

If you haven’t selected a realtor already, see if you can find one that already offers things like streaming video of their existing listings, or something similar. No need to train the realtor and be the guinea pig in the process – go with someone who already uses this technique well. If you can’t find one already using this technique, try to find one who is willing to use it. Either way, most folks will use that online video option first, before ever scheduling a visit. Then most of the folks who would otherwise see your home, will still be able to see it, without pestering you in the process.

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